Friday, August 24, 2012

1996 100Y Gold Panda 15th Anniversary Varieties

The 1996 100Y 1oz Gold Panda 15th Anniversary is a very low mintage coin within the Gold Panda series.  The official mintage total is only 3,800 coins.  Given the widespread melting of gold pandas in the 1990's, the surviving population could be much smaller.

Two varieties of this coin have been identified.  I do not know if these are correlated with different mints or die lots, so if anyone knows, please let me know.  The difference lies in the position of the 1996 date.  One of the dates of oddly off-center under the temple.

It is not yet known which of these is more rare, but the very existence of two clear varieties make the 1996 15th a potential long term candidate as a scarce panda superstar.
 1995 100Y 15th Anniversary Gold Panda 1996 100Y 15th Anniversary Gold Panda
Centered DateOff-Center Date



Anonymous said...

For simplicity, how about naming them "High Date" and "Low Date" - as they also differ in this placement, and determining "center vs off-center" requires more scrutiny?

The easier to determine, the more popular varieties become, and the more valuable.
Also, High Date and Low Date are more similar to the already accepted standard of Large Date and Small Date.

Also interesting is that the High Date has lower placed lettering underneath in the ring, while the Low Date has higher ring lettering.

Mustafa Akhtar said...

interesting and indeed that's cause of two different mints!