Sunday, November 06, 2011

Panda Coin Buying Opportunity

Like any market, the Panda coin market goes through short term cycles.  After very powerful moves in spring and summer of 2011, it looks like this fall is a time of consolidation.  With a pull-back in gold from $1950 down to the 1600's, many newer entrants in the market are now hesitating.  Some are selling. Did the market peak?  Will pandas go down from here?

Whatever the reasons, there are now many excellent quality Pandas available on the market, and overheated prices have pulled back.  Key dates and rarities are still quite strong and going higher, but many excellent coins are now re-appearing at good prices.

The old-timers and market savvy collectors see pull-backs as a prime opportunity to find good deals.  Major dealers are happily re-stocking at bargain prices.  This is the time to buy!

Chinese dealers are buying in full force, raiding US inventories for any gold panda from 1990 to 2003.  Certain dates are targeted for accumulation, including 2000 to 2003 gold panda sets. They know to strike when the coins are available, and they are expecting renewed Chinese market strength in December and January. 

Gold fundamentals are stronger than ever.  We will see $2000 gold soon.  The European debt crises illustrates how deep the economic rot has become worldwide.  Chinese investors are looking to store wealth outside of the weakening real-estate sector and outside of paper currencies.  This trend will continue. 

Key coins to watch:
  • 1989 BU Gold, all sizes (maybe not as common as we thought!)
  • 1989-P proofs
  • 1990-P proofs 
  • 1992 and 1993 still in thin supply
  • 2000 frosted (1oz and 1/2 already pushing $3000), all sizes
  • All 1/2oz Pandas

High Flyers - look for deals that wont last:
  • 1998 small and large dates
  • 1999 all types still strong
  • 1995 - ready to catch up to 1998?
  • 91, 92, 93 and 94 proof sets are still being acquired by strong hands

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