Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Gold Panda Coin Prices Show Continued Strength

Gold Panda coin prices have continued to increase since my last post in September. Demand from investors and collectors in China is reaching a fever pitch, with the most rare coins selling for very impressive prices to Chinese buyers.

Chinese coins with mintage 1000 or less are going for record prices (if you can find then at all). The "2nd tier" coins with mintages below 2500, are moving up rapidly as collectors seek to obtain these coins while there are still available.

Off the Charts
These coins have had major moves and are nearly impossible to find. The $5000-$12000 prices on these coins is 2-3 times what it was a year ago!
  • 1992-P Gold Panda Proofs
  • 1995 Gold Panda Proofs
  • 1996 Gold Panda Proofs
  • 1994-96 Gold Unicorn Proofs

Rising Rapidly
Certain date variety Pandas are also skyrocketing due to an apparent shortage of available coins. No mintage data is available for specific varieties, but the market is telling us which coins are the most rare. Expect to pay $3000+ for the 1oz coin of the following types!
  • 1999 Gold Panda Large Date with Serif (all sizes)
  • 1998 Gold Panda Large Date (all sizes)
  • 2000 Mirror (all sizes)
  • 2001-D (all sizes)

Near Term Potential
Looking ahead, price pressure is building on the following coins:
  • 1991 Gold Panda Proof sets
  • 1990 Gold Panda Proof sets
  • 1998 Gold Panda Small Date (all sizes)
  • 1995 Gold Panda (all sizes)
The 1oz coins for these may still be available in the $2000-$3000 range, but possibly not for long.

Small Panda Coins
Although I have not covered them in detail here, many of the fractional Pandas (1/2oz and lower) have risen in substantially price as Chinese collectors rush to assemble complete date sets. Often the 1/2oz or 1/4oz coin is the most rare coin in the set. Example dates are 1994, 1995, 1998.


Coin Auction said...

These Panda coins are absolutely beautiful. Good buys.

Anonymous said...

I just got a 1 oz silver 2001 D, a 1 oz silver 1990 proof (P) and a 2 oz 1991 piefort proof. All are going to NGC but which would you be most keen to hang onto for the longer term if asked? Thanks, Jules

Jay Feldis said...

The 1991 Piefort is the lowest mintage. If it grades well value will likely increase.